Brodie Helped Fiona Change and He’s Gone

When we first started house sitting, we took care of a dog in Vancouver named Brodie. Before this Fiona had been scared of dogs. But Brodie made her feel like part of the family right away.
Fiona walking Brodie Joel wrote about the changes in Fiona back in 2010 at our travel blog.

While we were there, I had asked Brodie to write a guest post for our travel blog. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it for Brodie.

Today, at 16-1/2 Brodie left us.

Caitlyn, Brodie’s ‘mom’, wrote us today to tell us about it. Among the lovely things she wrote was this:
He was a mathematical wizard and he showed off his skills the few times he headed into a pasture of cows or horses before I noticed. One time he carefully gathered up the mess of 8 grazing horses into a nice tidy herd, then he divided them into 2 groups of 4. Not satisfied, he gathered them again and then divided them into 4 groups of 2. Somewhere along the way I stopped yelling at him to “Come” and just watched in amazement.

Brodie will be missed. I don’t know when I’ll be able to tell Fiona. I only wish she’d had another chance to see him before he left. She tells everyone the story of how Brodie helped her get over her fear of dogs. He was very much loved by all here!

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